Is Your Diaper Bag Fashionable? One Way To Be Certain

On September 6, 2017, Pantone LLC, the global authority on professional color standards for the design industry, announced the Spring 2018 PANTONE Fashion Color Trend Report for New York Fashion Week. This report features the top 12 colors we can anticipate seeing from fashion designers on the runway for upcoming spring collections. Also, for the first time this year, the report includes 4 classic colors, which “transcend seasons and provides structure to any wardrobe.” Says, Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Institute.

Modish Mommy did not make a mistake when we carefully selected the two colors of our new Baby Changing Purse straight from this featured color pallet.

Portable Changing Station

Made for Baby. Designed for Mom.

When we began creating our Baby Changing Purse, there were three things to carefully consider. Technical Design, Quality, and Fashion Design. At Modish Mommy when we say, “Fashion Meets Function,” we mean it. Therefore, we began creating with this goal in mind.

We were intentional about creating a portable changing station that provides today’s modern mom with everything she needs to care for her baby on-the-go, without having to compromise her own sense of style. After all, having a baby does not diminish a woman’s identity. It enhances it. Therefore, her diaper bag should complement mom’s self-expression not compete with it. It is possible to have the best of both worlds and that is exactly what we want to give to our Modish Mommies.

Sustainability & Versatility

Every baby-carrying Mama can attest to the fact that her diaper bag practically becomes a part of her body – attached at the hip, literally. Unlike a traditional purse, switching out her diaper bag, that is full of carefully selected baby essentials, every time she wants to match her outfit or the changing temperature outside is unpractical.

This is exactly why we created a baby changing purse with neutral, classic colors that allow for versatility when wardrobe matching and sustainability throughout the season changes. Pantone Institute says it best, “For many consumers, classic color is the mainstay of the wardrobe and the foundational core upon which they start building their own personal style.” So, if you have to carry it why shouldn’t you love it? You should!

A Match Made in Heaven

And we hope that you love our Modish Mommy Baby Changing Purse that offers a nautical color theme. We were intentional about alternating 2 of the 4 featured Classic Pantone Colors: Sailor Blue that “anchors the palette,” according to Eiseman, and Warm Sand that he explains “is a comforting neutral shade that effortlessly connects the seasons.” Eiseman goes on to say, “These core classic shades play a critical role in any wardrobe and we want to highlight the nuance of these classic colors for the 2018 season.”

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