The Story Behind Our Brand...

Once upon a time there lived a new mother who received a standard diaper clutch as a unique baby shower gift. Immediately, it became one of her favorite, go-to, baby items. She brought it with her everywhere she went.

However, there were a couple of issues with her diaper clutch that she wished weren’t so.

  • There were not enough pockets to keep all of her essentials close at hand.
  • The velcro clasp continued to come undone. Her clutch would pop open unexpectedly causing things to fall out. Not good!
  • Her diaper clutch did not offer a shoulder strap and she often found her hands too full.

One day, this mother realized she stumbled into a golden opportunity. “I am going to design my own diaper bag clutch!” She thought. “One that has EXTRA POCKETS to hold more essentials, a CROSSBODY/SHOULDER STRAP to keep my hands free, an ADJUSTABLE BUCKLE CLOSURE to secure my clutch closed and for kicks I’ll throw in a DETACHABLE CHANGING PAD to use independently. Yes, this will be more than a diaper clutch; it will be a fashionable diaper bag purse that is versatile and functional! The only thing left to do was convince the hubby it was a great idea, get him to pay for it and learn how the world of product development works. “Eh. No biggy, right?”

Like an unstoppable rebel force, the mother immediately began researching the competition. To her delight found that she was indeed onto something BIG. After several months of product development, late nights learning how e-commerce works, many discussions with the hubby and hundreds of cups of coffee later…this mother of three proudly introduces to you, the Modish Mommy Diaper Clutch!

Modish Mommy Family- The story of the Diaper Clutch
Modish Mommy Family